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Android Mobile Phone Users Pay Attention This Will Shock You!

Android is an operating system from Google, it has been one of the most successful operating systems in the world and is on many mobile handsets and internet tablets.


It is used on the new Blackberry handsets, all of Samsung’s range, HTC and LG and others like Honor and One Plus One, all of these makers and others have a great reputation and have nothing to do with this article.

But there is a nasty surprise under the bonnet, no not the super fast Octa core processor that your latest handset may well have, but the permissions for all apps to work, including the apps that have already been pre-installed.

Apps on Android are in part very good, some better than others, and some not so great, but all need permissions for them to work! this is where it gets tricky, on one phone we tested which was the Honor 5c, the video app wanted permission to call people and to manage calls or it would not work, same with the music app!

On one occasion the mobile phone was on charge and called out without my permission, the phone was shipped back to Amazon! this was nothing, a recent Motorola purchase was sold after the owner saw the camera come to life, not just once but on a few occasions.

We asked Vodafone about these permissions and the advisor was as shocked as we was, although understand she couldn’t do much since she works for a mobile phone company.

If you have an Android handset, be very wary of what apps are running and what they need for them to work, you do get a message saying “You can disable permissions in settings” that is a trick, once you disabled something the app wont work again!

For an Android app to work it can have up to thirteen permissions, it can ring out, look at all your contacts, read your SMS and send SMS, read emails and send emails, activate the camera, activate the microphone, activate bluetooth and sends things from your phone to another!, change Wi-Fi state, check out all your photos and videos in the gallery, look at your calendar and look at even private entries and more!

You may have had an Android phone for a while, and feel that nothing has happened, but with so many apps now doing things behind your back, how would you know? we are not suggesting you should move to any other operating system, the decision is yours!


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