Fly Tipping

It Is “FREE” To Dump Household Waste At A Tip!

Fly tipping is on the rise in most areas of the UK we saw some disgusting pictures on national TV, we wanted to know what the people at a local tip viewed the situation.


They are not the council, none are in Manchester it belongs to a private firm and so they have a boundary, anything outside of this is then a responsibility of that land owner, be it the council or another company or owner.

A spokesman from the tip at Woodhouse Lane in Broadheath confirmed to me today that it is free to dump all your household rubbish, and up to two tonnes in one year! the worker who did not want to be named told us so long as your van goes under the barrier your fine which is around 6.6ft.

Household waste, couches, furniture, wood, bin bags full of rubbish, curtains, beds, mattresses, tables, you name it, this can be dumped at any of the tips in greater Manchester for free.

Even if you are in a trades van so long as it is household waste you can dump for free, I asked the worker then why is their so much fly tipping, and then it became speculation, a range of answers were given, but none of which was a solution.

Litter pick groups were also spoken about, whilst he said that in a moral way these groups are great, they are not the solution, he said what I have been saying all these years, a company or private firm will be using them so they do not have to pay anything to clear up the mess people leave.

The council was also mentioned, more so about the implementation of the two-week bin collections, he said “since the bins have been collected every two weeks we have seen a rise in people dumping bin bags at the tip”.

We both concluded the fly tipping is to do with some people being to lazy, cannot be bothered to go to Sharston and yet they have a  “Free” facility for them so they can dump the waste that Broadheath tip could not, it is true some people see a side road at night and with  no one watching they then dump rubbish, same with country lanes, it is just to simple!




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