Sugar Addiction Shocker You Need To Read!

Sugar is one of those things some of us need, be it in our drinks or food, we all have grown up with it, but how many of you are addicted by it?


Sugar Cubes

The facts are that many of us are addicted to this substance, this will come as a shock to many, was you aware that sugar has the same effect as heroin on the brain? well it is true! sugar acts in the same way, when we get a sweet or some chocolate the rewards to the brain are similar, it releases opioids and dopamine.

Tests revealed that a rat would experience anxiety issues due to opioid withdrawal much the same when someone addicted to sugar does not have his or her fix for a few hours, this must come as a surprise to many that this so-called “innocent” substance we have used for decades is in fact in its own right a drug.

Sugar also causes weight gain in humans, it also is the leading cause of tooth loss, it is in almost everything we ear, and governments need to clamp down on this, forcing the big food companies to act more responsible when adding sugar to any of their products.

The UK gov has done something in recent times, but will make little difference, we have the control though with some things, sweets and fizzy drinks you do not need, cakes maybe a treat now and then will be fine, and when it is hot weather maybe an ice cream here or there.

We have to limit our sugar intake as much as possible, sugar will not be ever a classified drug, but with it having the same effects as heroin, many people will view it more like an enemy rather than a friend.

For those though addicted, how do they come away from it? since even a couple of hours they start flapping about with withdrawal symptoms, a good way of understanding what to do is to talk with your GP, he or she will help you, at the end of the day though as with everything the decision is yours!

More information on sugar can be found HERE


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