UPDATE: Himor Blocks Birch Road And Now Trafford Council Responds

Himor the group that is in the process of building the new Carrington village that will no doubt put the headstone on Partington has blocked Birch Road near to Manchester United’s AON training ground  in Carrington to all users.


We asked Trafford Council’s Richard Roe about the situation and what could they do about the problem he said: “The Council is in contact with Himor with regard to their decision to prevent access to that part of Birch Road which is not a public right of way.

“However, Himor are acting within their rights and the Council, as the highway authority, has no powers to give immediate access if the landowner does not wish to do so.

“The Council will continue to liaise with Himor on this matter and I am letting them know about the comments I have received.”

At this time even with pressure from the council it seems a lost cause, and that part of Birch Road will be closed off to the public for as long as Himor is in charge of that land.

Cyclists still can use the TPT (Trans Pennine Trail) at that location.




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