Fund Raising

Partington Mum Diagnosed With A Rare Form Of Cancer Needs Your Help So She Can Get Vital Treatment To Save Her Life

A brave Partington mum was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of kidney cancer needs your help, she needs to raise £60k so she can get the care she needs in Germany..


Rihanna Ferguson & daughter Nova Noelle


Rihanna Ferguson aged 24 who also has a child aged one-year-old was diagnosed last October, doctors were able to remove one kidney, but sadly the cancer returned and is now around her back area, and is believed to have only months to live.

People in Partington and borough wide have been giving donations ,and outside of the area! have chipped in to raise money for Rihanna, a one day event at a hair salon in Flixton, where the hairdressers will not stop for an entire day will raise even more funds to help Rhianna, which is due to take place on Jan 22.

You can find the funding website HERE which also includes more information on Rihanna, their is also a Facebook page.



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