Lets Try Ending The Problem Of Loneliness In The UK

loneliness is a big problem here in the UK mostly affecting those over 50, but not all as the figures get higher for our children, this is simply a shocking trend that needs to be reduced.

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We read over four million children are lonely, child line has a dedicated page to the problem and they say “You don’t need to be physically alone or cut off to feel lonely. You might be surrounded by other people. But still it feels like you’re on your own”

If you know a child who is lonely or needs some help or you are a child reading this please click this LINK it offers some support and contact links.

Of course loneliness does affect the elderly more, they could be at home for a month with no contact from anyone, more so if they have no relatives.

Can you imagine how difficult this is? having to sit at home all day and night, no contact and probably sitting in a chair watching TV or listening to the radio for company, we need to tackle this, so if you know a neighbour and they know you! who is elderly, why not pop around and make sure they are alright and have a good old chinwag, you will be surprised how much knowledge these people have about the world, and you will be making that individual very happy indeed.

If you have mental health issues or have Autism this can be a big problem, attitudes are changing surrounding people with a condition, but these people are often feeling isolated, not because they want to, but because of their condition, anxiety, social anxiety and so on causes so much stress, people with autism or those on the spectrum find it hard to make friends, but they are some of the brightest people walking the earth, and the richest if we think of someone from Microsoft!

If you have mental health issues you can get information on how to cope HERE this also includes contact information.

Disabled people often find it hard and become isolated, loneliness affects people of any age and disability, we can all help them and we should.



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  1. The problem also stems that loneliness isn’t just people on their own. I am surrounded by people most of the time and yet have a very deep sense of being alone.


    • Hello Peter, thanks for contacting us, the article was a general overview of loneliness and not as in depth as we would have liked, I am sorry your in the situation you are, it must be very confusing, but your not alone, many people feel the same way, its just the wider population has no real understanding of loneliness, our article was to highlight this, if you could email telling us your story that we can publish, this would be great, either way news4trafford are in your corner, and we value you as we do all our readers, thanks for taking time to contacting us, and hope you will further contact us via the email address given.


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