Safety Notice

Argos Simple Value Blender Safety Notice Issued

A safety notice has been issued for a Argos Simple Value blender which could cause an electric shock due to incorrect instructions.


The model number of the affected blender is HB 972 A00, the blender was sold between May 1 last year and up to Jan 23 this year.

The notice does say that the blender is safe to use so long as you do not follow the instructions, the blender is not to be taken apart, if you follow the instructions it will break and expose “Live” parts.

If you want further information please click this LINK or ring Argos on  03456 402 020








Simple Value Hand Blender

Argos catalogue Number 909/8367

Model number HB972A00

Sold between 1st May 2016 and 23rd January 2017

Recall date(s): 30/01/2017
Description: White hand blender sold by Argos as part of the “Simple Value” range.

Supplied in a cardboard box with a picture of the product on.

Risk: This product is considered safe to use.

Risk of electric shock if incorrect instructions are followed.

There is an inaccuracy in the instructions supplied with this product which states that the lower part of the blender can be removed from the handle.

The product is not intended to be taken apart, and if the instructions are followed the Hand Blender can be broken apart, which may expose live parts.

What to do: If you have an affected product do not attempt to remove the lower section of the blender. The product is considered safe to use.

For more information, please see the following webpage:

Or contact the Argos customer service team on 03456 402 020


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