A Mixed Use Development The Preferred Option For Warrener Street Car Park In Sale Moor

The We Are Sale Moor group and residents of Sale Moor attended a meeting with Cushman and Wakefield on Jan 31 at a local school.


Sale Moor residents voted for a mixed use development which includes a food store, housing and the possibility of a doctor’s surgery which was based on the groups request.

It is thought that Aldi and Lidl will not be interested in taking the store, and Sainsbury’s and Tescos are unlikely to be interested, the possibility of a Co-op food store is more likely.

Along with the mixed use development their will be a retention of a smaller car park.

The inclusion of a GP surgery is still to be looked at, it is believed a GP has expressed interest in having a surgery based in the new plans.

We Are Sale Moor Group said “We are really pleased with the way Cushman and Wakefield consulted with We Are Sale Moor and delighted that we’ve had a chance to influence the proposal.

“We’ve worked hard and pushed for involvement throughout the process.

“The public have had their say and we’re delighted with the outcome, we feel this is the best possible solution for the site on the basis that it can stay as it is.”



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