A Strategic Review Conducted Last Year Shows Which Direction Altrincham FC Are Going In

In October last year the Altrincham FC board commissioned a Strategic Review of the current state and future direction of the Club from a Review team consisting of the Community Director, Pete Foster, and an independent consultant, Nicky Watmore.


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A consultation was made over two months which included one hundred people and staff, below is a list of interesting findings:

  • Financially Altrincham FC is in good shape with no debts and revenues up by 50% over five years
  • Community Sports Hall and other improvements are widely seen as a success bringing in £60k per year
  • The Community feel about the club is what the vast majority of stakeholders like about the club and wish for that to remain
  • Ambition of the club moving forward is to aim to be a National League club within the next five years
  • The club is hapy about Alty TV, Radio Robins and social media channels which they say are good, if not better than many other league clubs.
  • Altrincham ladies and junior set-up is strong with over fifty teams playing in Altrincham FC kits every weekend.
  •  With no debt and an eighty-year lease on a ground in an affluent area, the Club has every opportunity to turn around its current playing fortunes and to go from strength to strength over the longer term.

With the future looking bright for Altrincham FC, the review also indicated some not so positive outcomes which are listed below:

  • Performance on the pitch over recent seasons has not matched financial expenditure on the team.
  • The performance on the pitch this year has plumped new depths with a fifth new manager in less than twelve months, the club is concerned about being relegated and the impact other teams have on the club
  •  The Board has no structure, perceives itself to be weak and divided, and most others have lost confidence in the Board as a collective.
  • Many stakeholders feel the quality, not the amount, of communications and PR between them and the Club is failing.
  •  There is a strong sense from some quarters that the Club lacks diversity in many of its ways of operating and its “look and feel”, and comes across as a Club for white males of a certain age and thus excludes a broader range of people from the locality.
  •  Throughout the entire club there can be seen to be a reluctance to accept new ideas and a lack of ambition.
  • There is a general lack of forward planning (beyond the one year horizon) evident throughout the entire club.

The review also goes on to say that the ground is starting to feel like a relic and is in dire need of refurbishment, the volunteer part of the club which has been its lifeblood in recent years might not be sustainable under the current model.

The clubs website was next on the list, it is valuable for its content, but in needs updating with better communications, marketing and commercialism, not a stand-alone entity.

It is really for the Board to decide how it takes these findings forward from here. Whilst the Board considers its next steps, the team will continue to provide ideas on Board and management structure and the shape of a five-year plan.

For more on this review please click HERE



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