Storm Doris Hit Manchester Hard As Gusts Of Winds Reached More Than 60mph

Storm Doris was on the radar a few days ago and the warning was issued by the Met Office for damaging wind speeds.


We did not see anything near 80mph as some had predicted, but still the same what we had was more than enough to down trees and branches, and some damage to Sale Square Shopping Centre.

The doors of the shopping centre had to be closed because the wind had damaged the mechanism according to a worker.

A huge branch was blocking the cycle path on the Bridgewater Canal at Walton Park, another big branch close by was blocking a route into the park.


Police were sending out alerts on Facebook about every tree that had fallen and to redirect your route, we investigated one claim about a tree that had fallen om Manor Avenue but no tree could be seen in the middle of the road and Traffic was flowing normal.

The most reliable weather man on Twitter and Facebook told us the wind will have eased to nothing by 3pm and again he proved correct, check him out for a detailed and accurate weather forecast @rainorshinemanc or on his Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/manchesterweather



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