Trafford Council Meeting Sends Everyone Into A Depression

I have seen many meetings, but this one as some councillors were saying was “rather depressing”.


Trafford Council Chambers

The budget  was passed and the Tories march on with their plans for the borough.

Trafford Labour as ever did all it could to convince the Tories that what they are doing is unacceptable, and the same response as ever which now has become a stuck record “We never hear the opposition give us an alternative plan” it really is now a worn out phrase that surely someone at the Trafford Tories could change.

It might be because the Trafford Tories do not listen to labour, if they do not listen then how can they ever say that they do not have an alternative plan.

Because of two very long speeches at the start by Tom Ross and Raymond Bowker, all the councillors had a small amount of time to talk, which did little to keep the atmosphere calm, the tension could well have been felt all across Trafford as it was now time to vote on the budget.

It was like almost every vote, the Tories would win it, simply because they are the ruling party and have more members, the result went the way of the Tories and the budget was passed.

One of the plans is to charge for removal of garden waste, the funds will go to the council and not Amey, however its a mad plan, one of many! it will soon hit you in the pocket and could cause serious problems in the community.

We will see more fly tipping and more neighbour issues as a result, I wonder if the leader of the council ever thought about them points? as it happens only he made any attempt to ease the tensions by saying “With great power comes great responsibility” but even his Spiderman wording did not calm things and went back to his normal Tory lingo that is very much written in a fantasy world.



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