Ineos Is Due To Start Seismic Testing In Cheshire Here Is Your Spotters Guide

Ineos has a licence in a big part of Cheshire and told news4trafford last year they were due to start seismic testing in early 2017.

Screenshot 2017-02-26 at 7.38.05 PM.png

The company also wanted it known that they are committed to being up front about everything and will be making sure the public are aware of what is going on nearer the time of testing, to ease any ones concerns.

We welcome Ineos reassurances surrounding fracking, although they have not replied to our previous messages asking them simply “When and where” this will only create more uncertainty in community’s who are concerned about fracking.

We are at this time not aware of any groups for the Trafford area that could make it harder for fracking to happen.

Frack Off has given out posters of what to look out for in your area, when they are doing seismic testing, this is a great guide and everyone can use it so they are aware, and can raise the alarm as soon as they can, any one seeing anything going on or has information please contact us, or at your own risk ring the number on the image.

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