More Changes On The Way For Disabled People Who Claim PIP


PIP or Personal Independent Payment replaced DLA or disablement Living Allowance, it was designed to make it simpler and give more disabled people more money to help them live there lives in a better way.


What in reality it’s done is made more disabled people broke, some have even died as a result yet the government has turned a blind eye to the problems.

For most people who fail the assessment for PIP they can appeal and more often than not will win that appeal.

The problem is with this government is they do not care much about those with mental health issues, in fact one minister went way to far with a comment about those with mental health issues, we will not name him, our readers should be shielded from such trash! gladly there has been calls for him to resign, lets hope he does!

People with anxiety and mental health issues, sometimes severe have great support from their mental health teams, although medications are still in the 17th century, they need extra money to live from day-to-day, having a condition like this is not their fault, no one can be blamed, yet the government are treating this like some cold or something, this is dangerous, I hope Theresa May remembers her own wording, when she said “We care greatly about those with mental health problems and we are the party who will make sure we will look after them”

People who have PIP now will see no reductions in benefits, but with the government becoming ever paranoid, anyone PIP must be feeling a tad nervous in the run up to the first budget of 2017.

A spokesman for the DWP said: “The PIP assessment is designed to focus more support on those who are likely to have a higher level of need, and higher costs associated with their disability. For example, claimants who require therapy at home, like dialysis or oxygen, are likely to need more support than someone who needs help to take medication.

“Similarly, people who cannot carry out a journey because of a visual or cognitive impairment are likely to need more support than someone who experiences psychological distress when they undertake a journey, for example as a result of social phobia or anxiety.”

More information on the PIP changes can be found HERE


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