Under Current Funding Policies Trafford’s Schools Will Lose An Estimated 392 Teachers By 2020

The policies of the current government will see Trafford lose an estimated 392 teachers by 2020.


For every pupil the school will lose £429 and for every school in Trafford up to 2019 will be in deficit by almost £15m.

Here is a list of some schools (not in any order)  in Trafford that will be in deficit by 2019

  • Broadoak School Partington -£346.000 – Teacher loss 9
  • Seymour Park Primary Old Trafford – £172,000 – Teacher loss 4
  • Stretford High School Stretford – £607,000- Teacher loss 16
  • Stretford Grammar School – £285,000 – Teacher loss 7
  • Ashton On Mersey School Sale -£823,000 – Teacher loss 22
  • Sale Grammar School – £676,000 – Teacher loss 17
  • Broadheath Primary School – £179,000 – Teacher loss 4
  • Altrincham College Of Arts – £639,000 – Teacher loss 16
  • Altrincham Grammar – £550,000 0 – Teacher loss 14


These figures are all estimates, but as you can see unless changes are made to the way these schools are funded, we will see a crisis in our schools.

Bollin Primary School in Bowdon was shut today Feb 27 due to several issues, and things need to be sorted out at the school for the sake of the children, however they are also looking at a loss of just over £85,000 with the loss of two teachers by 2019.

The government is killing off our NHS and now they are attacking our children, they have slaughtered the most vulnerable in society with benefit cuts, we have to sometimes question their sanity.

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