TV Licence

TV Licence, Capita And Your Rights Explained

The law says you need a TV licence, but here we look at your own rights and what to say and what not to say to TV Licence men or women.


Tv Licensing


We suggest finding a way to pay for the licence.

This is about your rights about what to do when a TV licence man or woman comes knocking on your door and also about the TV Licence itself.

Your rights are as follows, when a TV Licence man or woman comes knocking at your door

  • Let he or she speak first
  • Be polite, no abusive language or getting upset
  • Tell he or she that you are not obliged to answer any questions
  • Do not speak anymore and say goodbye
  • Go inside

That’s it and they will leave, if they do not leave your path and are causing you distress you can call police, this though may go against you, so it is best to keep calm and ignore.

The TV Licence man or woman has no rights to caution you! they are not the police, however it should not have got to that stage if you applied the above lawful rights you have.

If it gets even further and they come at you again, this time with a warrant to look inside your home, let them! or show them you have a TV, if you are not watching live BBC programmes then they have nothing on you whatsoever.

This is the tricky bit, where you will need to be on the ball, all apps you have need to be gone! on all devices, because they will ask you about them, if they see you using one, then they got you because it streams live content.

So presuming you have cleared all iplayer and BBC apps from your devices they cannot tell if you have watched a BBC channel or any channel from a TV, there is no technology to do this and that is factual, remember the TV licence detector vans? great idea to get people scared eh? and that was how long ago? and look how much we have advanced with technology since then, and they still have no technology to prove what you are watching.

You have complied with everything, you have been nice throughout and what can they do? ahhh yes! you are saying they will check to see if you have an Ariel, sure everyone does and your allowed to watch TV on every channel including the BBC so long as it’s not BBC live broadcasts, it means nothing and you can point that out, and if you are in a flat, you can lawfully point out that as part of the tenancy agreement you cannot damage property!

Do not give any names, keep an eye on them! if you have CCTV inside your home this will be of great benefit to you, it will be hard if there is only one person around because of distraction technique, and they will use them on you.

We feel the BBC should go subscription only with live content, they already can do this, if watching on BBC HD the local news cuts out and all you see is a red screen telling you that you’re not able to watch it, the reason we think this is happening is all down to money, Capita earns a fortune as does the BBC, this is unfair on the millions of people who cannot even afford to put out a meal out for their kids at tea time or for themselves.

They do not have a fair system in place for those who cannot afford it, lets look at the legal bit, an act is not a law! it is a statute so how can any officer or anyone enforce something on you that is not a law? this is a grey area for an officer who is only taught procedure, always remember an act is not a law! you can check this up if you wish.

TV licence website also clearly says in terms that “You do not need a TV Licence if you do no watch live programmes or iPlayer and content which streams live broadcasts”

The decision is yours, we are not telling you what to do here, just a few facts on your rights and we suggest finding some way of paying for your licence until the BBC wakes up to the reality of subscription.

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