This Drug Is Brutal, More Addictive Than Heroin, The Drug Is Known As ‘Spice’

Spice has now become one of the biggest drug problems of our times, in towns and city’s up and down the UK, but what is it?

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Spice Drug: Google Images



Spice is a synthetic cannabis, and sprayed with dangerous chemicals, you will find yourself in another world for up to half an hour on this drug, you will also be unable to protect yourself, you could get robbed! or worse!

Synthetic Cannabis or ‘cannabinoids’ has adverse effects and you could even die from abusing the drug, some people on this drug would die from hypothermia, but other issues could arise, the chemicals used is so far unknown, since the criminals making this drug keep changing the ingredients according to what we have learned.

Professional people and those that work with the homeless are saying “We have never seen anything like this before” and “Heroin has nothing on this drug, it is very hard to get off it, there is no drug to get you off it”

This is now become an epidemic as more and more homeless people end up on this drug, the same people are no longer getting the support they need, all they care about is that next hit, with the government slipping through the housing benefit reforms for 18-21-year-olds which will cause more people to be homeless, will these people also end up on our streets looking like they are in acting a scene from Micheal Jackson’s Thriller video.

Spice then is now a more addictive drug than heroin, but normal cigarettes still claim top spot in the most dangerous and addictive drug on our planet, with that we suggest staying away from all drugs, for your sake and those that care about you.


If you want more information on Spice click HERE


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