Why A Snap General Election This Year Could Be Bad For The UK

A snap general election has been on the lips of many political figures for some time now, it was today William Hague declared that it needed to happen.


The Tories would be best to call a snap election now because of the opposition, who let’s face it is in dire need of surgery.

Labour are all over the place, although Corbyn has his heart in the right place, he is a genuine man who does care for the most vulnerable in society, we give him thumbs up for this, but he does not have the party on his side, the big political figures want him gone.

At a local level they are slightly stronger, here in Trafford the Labour party need new blood, the same old councillors, offering the same old thing, the moaning and the groaning in the chambers, we need action, I cannot see what the point is, shouting at the Tories who are obviously very deaf to any kind of reality!

For an election to take place it would need Labour to ditch Corbyn and start again, I have no idea who would be the leader after Corbyn, the process needs to be started now, and sadly Corbyn announces he is staying as leader, a true setback for the party.

We cannot forget the other political party’s like The Green Party and The Lib Dems all fighting hard for your votes, they will do very well if a snap election was called this year.

It is going to be an interesting year, but will a snap election be called? let’s wait and see!



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