Parking Up Outside A School On Yellow Lines Is Just Asking For Trouble

We see it day in day out parents parking on these zig zagged yellow lines outside schools, for some it’s about dropping of their child or children and getting on with what they have to do as fast as possible.



For others though it is just complete ignorance of the laws, ignorance also of the safety issues involved.

Children often can get excited about coming home time, and can end up running out into the road, that road they have run into is live to other traffic, if your car is blocking the view and a car is coming down the road, and he or she sees the kid to late…its too late! and all because you ignored not only the laws but also safety of others.

We feel the fine which is very small should be increased with points on the licence to deter people from parking up on yellow lines outside schools, police are doing all they can to catch people breaking the law and putting people in danger, but it is down to drivers to just take some time to park somewhere else or find an alternative safer way to pick up or drop off their child or children for the interests of safety.



Categories: Laws

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