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Trainee Sniffer Dog Shot Dead At Auckland Airport For Delaying Flights!

A young dog was shot dead by police after it escaped and ended up delaying flights at Auckland Airport.

Screenshot 2017-03-17 at 11.33.22 AM.png

Grizz : Facebook

The Dog named “Grizz” was believed to be only a few months away from graduation, Grizz joined the team of sniffer dogs one of three in may 2016.

The shooting dead of the animal sparked outrage around the world, many taking to social media sharing their anger at the police and at Auckland Airport staff who it has been reported ordered police to shoot the animal.

This was a dreadful mistake by all involved, this dog was only a puppy and in training, from time to time you have to expect the unexpected with dogs this young, whilst we understand about the delays to flights, we feel this was out of touch with reality and shown that whoever gave the go-ahead to kill this animal should be checked out by a mental health professional.

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