A Surprise By-Election Is Due To Take Place In The Broadheath Ward Soon!

Yes! you are not seeing things, a by-election is going to happen on May 4 in the Broadheath ward, because Louise Dagnall has stepped down due to ill-health.

Trafford Labour are already ready for the battle which is set to be one of the fiercest in the borough for some time, the candidate will be Amy Whyte who also came close to winning the Altrincham seat in recent times.

Screenshot 2017-03-18 at 10.45.35 AM.png

Amy Whyte

Amy Whyte would be the ideal candidate to replace Louise, someone who is against all the needless cuts and campaigns hard for the people in Trafford.

Amy recently said: “My experience in campaigning in the community is strong. I led a successful campaign to save our school crossing patrol, and I will continue to fight against cuts to vital public services on behalf of residents.

“I am energetic, enthusiastic and enjoy galvanizing communities in this way.

There are other candidates of course,a nd all have a chance in what will be a very hard fight, but here we have a candidate that will make sure your issues are resolved, and has the energy to fight for the people of Broadheath.

Louise Dagnall though was an outstanding councillor and will be missed by the people of Broadheath and Trafford in general, Trafford Green’s Altrincham Candidate for next years local elections Daniel Jerrome said simply “Louise was a good councillor and a nice person”.

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