HS2 Environmental Impact Assessment In Warburton To Begin Very Soon


HS2 has responded to our demands that they do not disturb an ancient burial ground in Warburton.

File_000 (3)

Location Of The Burial Ground In Pink

They are to do a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment on the area identified in the coming months.

A spokesman for HS2 said: “Environmental Impact Assessment would include data collection from the Historic Environment record, local archives, LiDAR and available air photographs; there may also be non-invasive fieldwork such as geophysical survey. Once completed this will provide a good understanding of the presence or absence of a possible burial ground in the area.”

HS2 though is strongly opposed in Warburton, we told a pressure group leader about other things that will impact their lives, like the looming issue with Manchester Road/Warburton Lane becoming a standstill  once the developments at Lock Lane and the new Carrington Village has been built.

It is expected phase 2b hybrid bill to be given Royal Assent in 2022 and construction will begin in 2023, it is expected the route will be completed in 2033, although HS2 expect some parts of the phase will be much shorter.

HS2 Ltd seeks to avoid impacts on the historic environment (archaeology, built heritage and the historic landscape, generally referred to as heritage assets) during scheme development and through construction and operation. An environmental impact assessment (EIA) will commence in the coming months to establish the environmental baseline and set out how any potential impacts can be mitigated.

On Phase One, a Heritage Memorandum was published in February 2017 and is one of the suite of documents forming Phase One of the High Speed Two Environmental Minimum Requirements (EMRs) – the overarching commitments by the Secretary of State to afford appropriate management and protection of people, communities and the natural, cultural and built environment.

These include requirements on the nominated undertaker to comply with this document, the Planning Memorandum and undertakings and assurances concerning the project specified in the register of undertakings and assurance, and to adopt and implement the Code of Construction Practice (CoCP) and the Environmental Memorandum. This also includes commitments to human remains and burial monuments. A link to the document can be found HERE

The Heritage Memorandum presents the commitments of the Secretary of State to the historic environment and heritage assets. The Memorandum addresses the elements of the works authorised by the High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Act that have a direct impact on the historic environment. Direct impacts comprise both physical impacts and those on the setting of a heritage asset.

Route-wide approaches will be developed by the nominated undertaker in discussion with Historic England and local authorities.

A route-wide generic written scheme of investigation: Historic Environment research and Delivery Strategy (GWSI: HERDS) will be prepared setting out the objectives and general principles for design, evaluation, mitigation, analysis, reporting and archive deposition to be adopted for the design development and construction of the Proposed Scheme.

This will be supported by a number of technical standards with which the Contractors who undertake historic environment will have to comply.

It is anticipated that a similar mechanism would be considered for Phase 2b.  Likewise the Phase One and 2a  Code of Construction Practice will set out the provisions that will be adopted to control construction effects, including those on cultural heritage assets – Phase 2b would also be subject to a similar mechanism.

We are very pleased with how HS2 has handled this and we will keep you informed of the result of the assessment.

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