New Bill To Help Children Get To See Both Parents To be Debated In May

A new family and justice bill presented today in parliament March 28 by Tory Suella Fernandes sets out to change the laws where the non-resident parent will get to see his or her child.

Screenshot 2017-03-28 at 8.50.10 PM.png

Suella Fernandes

The bill will come as a huge relief to many non-resident parents, mostly the father who may have never seen his child, due to outdated laws, where the mother can take full custody over the child or children, for as something petty as a grudge, or something even more stupid.

It is also right and proper that the father gets to see his kids, since we all have to agree the child or children’s best interest must be at the front, with the current out dated laws, it only protects the selfish often pathetic interests of the mother, who most often has had no thought about what she is doing to the child or children.

Break ups happen all the time, this as Suella Fernandes says “Does not mean a coming together but simply its about the children and the best interests of them”

Fathers 4 Justice will be watching closely and the many fathers and sometimes mothers who just want to be with their kids, the bill will be aired in Parliament on May 12.


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