Brave Manager Tackles Thief At A Sale Food Store

A brave manager at a Sale Co-operative food store tried to detain a thief at around 1pm on April 3.

The food store has been hit on a daily basis by robbers, shop staff rightly have not tried to detain any of them and instead reported issues to management.

Screenshot 2016-03-16 at 10.17.36 PM

Today was much different as one manager grappled with a male thief who is thought to have been aged between twenty and twenty five-years-old and detained him, police were called and got him in the back of a van and questioned him.

The robber stole packets of meat, which can cost around £10, these packets are then sold on either privately or at a pub.

We are told although police did detain him for a while, he was let go with a warning.



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