Crowds Cheer The Runners On, The Runners Looked Tired, And The Organizers Need To Recruit More Staff!

The annual Greater Manchester Marathon got underway at around 9am this morning April 2 in what was great conditions for the run.


Thousands turned out, many running for charity, we will update this article with race results for all runners.

Behind the scenes, it seemed that again not enough stewards were recruited, along the bridge on Marsland Road we spoke to a co-ordinator and he got four stewards to cover this area, but to be honest he may as well not have bothered as the crowd was starting to fill up one lane of the road. many people were walking in front of the runners at different times.

We noted also that the wheelchair competitors were having a bad time of things trying to swerve out-of-the-way of not only runners but pedestrians.

Other incidents took place whilst the marathon was on going, one G4S security guard who was positioned on the A56 in Sale said he has had many irate drivers and all were abusive, fairly close by we saw a black unmarked 4×4 car with an armed officer inside it.

The route confused many people this time around, this was not going to get anyone a fast time due to the many bends it had, the runners all looked very tired as they approached Manor Avenue, this was only half way!



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