Horses Roaming Around At The Back Of Oak Road Park Causing Concern For Some Partington Residents

We have had several reports of horses roaming around on fields behind the Oak Road Park area of Partington in the last few days and are very concerned for the safety of not only the horses but for others and their pets.


One resident said it has been an ongoing issue for a while, and another saying one horse got very upset at a dog she was walking.

Horses kept on any land needs a permit from the council and other permissions, the land they are currently on is owned we believe by the authority Trafford Council, they are now investigating and will take action to remove the horses if the owner does not comply with the laws.

You can find out more about how an authority can detain a horse if the owner has no permission to let it free on their land HERE

Partington is the best place for horses with the wide open spaces, and many would understand why someone would want to have one, just some of them, maybe all of the owners need to read up on the laws of owning one, as you cannot simply dump your horse on a field where children could play, where other animals could spook the horse causing injury or worse.



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