Food Safety

Dead Worm Found In A Tuna Sandwich From A Co op Food Store In Sale

A dead worm was found in a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich from a Co-operative food store in Sale.


In the past we had reports about the salad in their chicken sandwiches, a sharp bit of plastic was found in a fruit pie and even more disgusting is the picture of a strawberry milk shake with mould inside it, which is too disgusting to show.

Own branded items are cheaper, they are very popular and many people have no bad experiences at all, but with the latest incident that we reported to the Co-operative food store about what a customer had found, it puts customer trust in doubt.

A spokesman for Co op said: “We agree something like this should not be in any of our products, more so our sandwiches which are eaten daily by loads of people and with no issues.

“We have given the customer our apologies and have offered him a refund or points on his membership card, we are also in contact with the supplier.”



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