The new village being created by HIMOR on land where Shell used to be in Carrington will hit Partington hard, not to mention the new PEEL development which is situated off Lock Lane.


We have read reports that the HIMOR plans were approved after a delay, although we are still awaiting official conformation on what happened at Trafford Council planning last night April 13.

The assurances read about new infrastructure does not include anything outside of the new village, Carrington Lane, Flixton Road, Manchester Road, Warburton Lane, Sinderland Lane, Moss Lane will be affected badly by this new village.

No new plans to create a relief road has been announced, although we hear of cycle paths which gives us some reason for celebration, but these paths could still be only in and around this new village, which would not be good enough, they need to be connected to existing cycle network paths to be of any use.

The weight of Traffic on already crowded roads will bring Partington and Carrington to a grinding halt, has anyone ever thought about how emergency services are going to get through?

The development to be built off Lock Lane owned by Peel will cause many issues on an area that has a lack of shops, a doctors that is already struggling to cope, only one dentist of which many people are now being sent to Trafford General for treatment, there is only one garage in the area.

Whilst an improved and modern shopping centre has been built, this is still not enough for an extra 2000 more people, we are asking political people to try harder to make sure Partington has the right infrastructure in place so they do not end up having empty shops, a post office having to close because the amount of people using it.

We suggest a new shopping centre for Oak Road area, this would make sense, we have though been told the current building will not be pulled down but refurbished, although we are unsure when this is to happen, it is hoped a change of minds may happen and that a new shopping complex can be built, which would help ease the situation once the Peel development has been built.

We expect those living in the new Carrington village will not drain Partington very much since they will have their own shops and infrastructure, but the Peel development will! and unless people get to grips with this, Partington’s future is looking bleak.