Car Share Second Series Not a Hit With Fans

Fans of BBC one’s Car Share in which Peter Kaye and Sian Gibson star as two workers sharing a car was fairly disappointed with the second series.

Some took to social media complaining about how many episodes were made, only four this time was made, others complained at the lack of humour and many complained about the fourth and last episode where Peter Kaye could not find it in his heart to tell Kayliegh played by Sian Gibson that he loved her.

The series started off in a bad way, the beginning of episode one was badly made, and seemed out of sync, Kayliegh looked lost and John Redmond played by Peter Kaye looked like he did not want to be doing the part.

The episode though half way through started to pick up and the last few moments we were back in carshare paradise again, this is what it was all about, making you laugh and smile, which is what it did at the end.

It was not all bad though some parts were very funny, like the monkey part when they went to the zoo, and we thought the second episode was the best of the lot, but it was episode four that got the most complaints, and you can hear our review by clicking the video podcast above.



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