Gangs Of Yobs Causing Misery For People Around Traffords Metrolink Stations

Police first published they had reports of gangs hanging around Stretford Metrolink station and were trying to grab people’s mobile phones.

We have since discovered that the same thing is happening in Sale and Timperley and police are telling people not to be bringing out your mobile phone whilst coming from any of the Tram stations.

More information being reported on social media is that more problems happened at Brooklands Metrolink station tonight April 14 and police were called, we are not sure at this time the exact details.

“We suggest” not to be using any of the lifts if in operation at any of the stops even if it looks safe.

A good idea (our advice) would be always to be scanning your environment, and take sensible precautions before getting to the tram stop and coming from it, hide the phone in a zipped up pocket and any valuables, if your a woman and have a handbag, keep this under your arm and keep the handle tight in your grasp.

Another thing we have to mention and often gets confused, is CCTV coverage, whilst there is good coverage at all stations and maybe outside, this will! not offer you any protection from a mugger or gang, if the operator is watching he or she will have called police, but it will be too late for you, so do not ever think CCTV is a tool for self-defence, and that a mugger or a gang of muggers will stop because they are being watched! they will not and always get away well before the police arrive.

CCTV evidence helps with the legal process not the incident!, this is for you to make sure all your items are zipped away, handbags or bags locked under your arm or made secure so that no one can get it off you.

Do not listen to the EGO, this will get you into serious bother and could result in a trip to hospital or worse! if you can run…then run, escape is the best defence, leave the action to the film stars on the silver screen




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  1. This has been going on for weeks between Stretford and Altrincham and reported to the Police several times and they are doing nothing about it.


  2. It’s not just mobile phones!!! These kids have been causing a menance for over a year! The demand cigarettes of adults and then get abusive when told no. They ‘jump’ kids constantly for clothing, money, phones and just for general kicks. This is a massive problem and it runs from stretford through to altrincham


    • Hello Calais, Yes we are now aware of the issues, and will be doing more on this as soon as we get more information, in the mean time we suggest to stay away from tram stations in the early evening as this is we are told the most likely times these guys are assaulting people, stay safe


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