Air Emergency

All Are Safe After Two Emergency Landings At A Busy Manchester Airport

Two emergency landings at Manchester Airport occurred on April 15 within hours of each other.


The first aircraft to declare an emergency was a Thomas Cook flight from Manchester to Las Vegas, the Airbus A330-200 with 283 people on board got as far as the Irish channel when the decision to return back to Manchester was made after a suspected fuel leak.

And only hours later a Thomson (TUI) Boeing 757-200 took off from Bristol Airport  to Las Palmas in Spain when it experienced flap problems, it then diverted to Manchester, it landed at a very high-speed which was calculated at around 180mph.

Witnesses confirmed the aircraft was coming in faster than normal and feared the worse, because of the higher speeds the landing was heavy and smoke could be seen from the tyres as it his the runway.

Fortunately both aircraft landed safely despite the presence of fire services, the passengers on the Thomas Cook flight had to wait around four hours for a replacement aircraft and are now on their way to Las Vegas.



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