Road Works

Roadworks And Delays Until October Coming Up On The Dangerous A56 In Stretford

Prepare for big delays as work starts on the A56 in Stretford which will see new lanes built and sadly the end of the line for two off the four subways.


Image: @Grooveslamm

The start of the road works was to be on April 18 but have since been delayed and no new date has been announced.

Other work is planned such as filling in the two subways which will mean no access for people to Stretford Mall for people coming from the Stretford Metrolink, one of the subway tunnels that will close will be the one pictured above, landscaping and other improvements.

To avoid the road works will last a long time, but in the end will see this part of Stretford move much faster, although concern for cyclists and pedestrians seem to have taken a back seat!

You can view the road works in detail HERE

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