600 New Homes To Be Built On Heath Farm Lane In Partington

Six hundred new homes will be built on Heath Farm Lane which is approximately 750m from Central Road in Partington.

Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 10.38.18 PM.png

Google Maps

The new development is on brown field land very close to the disused railway, no dates have yet been published when phase one will get underway, but is expected to be underway very soon.

This hybrid development, with HIMOR also building a new village in Carrington and Peel building new homes off Lock Lane after getting a five-year extension, the landscape will be looking very different in the next couple of years once all three developments have been completed.

Road infrastructure has always been an issue, we know now that a road will run down the side of both Carrington Village and the new hybrid development on Heath Farm Lane for emergency services.

No new cycle lanes mentioned for outside or linked to existing cycle networks which is disappointing although cycle paths and walking routes are planned throughout the new development on Heath Farm Lane.

We would also like to hear of new medical infrastructure as part of the plans so existing doctors in Partington that is already suffering do not get further drained, the Carrington village will include a surgery which will help Partington, and is thought to include a primary school.

Peel who will be one day building the new Lock Lane development will also be creating new paths and with some hope and upgrade to the cycle path along the River, with better access points.

Partington hold on to your seats! get ready for high level disturbances, more pollution and sitting in your car for hours during peak times on Manchester Road and Sinderland Lane on a regular basis the new norm!.



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    • Thanks For your message, it is not misleading, we do not do that, but from time to time we can get a picture wrong, we will look at the picture again, thanks for flagging this up.


  1. Has there been progress or an update on this, as this land was offered at least six months ago.


    • Hi, all we know is Himor will start work in the third quarter of this year, we are with other groups trying to stop the Lock Lane development, that is unless Peel decide to add more shops and a new GP surgery which as you know is badly needed, we will update you and Partington on any more developments.


      • Ah. This is the Future Carrington development.

        I was thinking of another site closer to the town centre.


      • There will be two developments, the one 750m from Central Road will be the one that hits Partington hardest, 600 new homes, how many people will that bring into the area? 22 new homes being built on Lock Lane, possibly a further 550 further up Lock Lane, no new infrastructure planned, we are going to stop the Peel development and looking closely at the twenty two that will be squeezed in near the green chippy.


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