Problems For Motorists As Parts Of The A56 In Sale Crumbles Away

Safety must be the number one priority for the council, but it seems to have taken a back seat as the A56 surface issues from Eastway all the way to the Pelican Pub gets worse.


Motorists are most affected, yet it is them that pay for the upkeep of the roads, we simply cannot accept this anymore.

We know the Greater Manchester Marathon changed the route last year slightly so runners would not break their ankles or worse! they changed it again for this years marathon because of the bad state of the road at Eastway and other operational reasons.


Having been in a car many times down this part of Sale I can say it is uncomfortable and without question could damage your tyres or suspension, the possibility of accidents from such deep and long potholes is something we must not accept.

We have contacted Trafford Council and have since told us an inspection of the road both ways  from Eastway to the Pelican pub will commence in the next seven days.


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