Future Carrington

Your Vote! Future Carrington Good Or Bad For Partington

It must be confusing to many people about what is going on with Future Carrington and the problems looming for Partington, so we have the solution, a vote!


Once we have enough votes, we will tell you the results of the vote and press Trafford council to think again.

Please click this LINK to vote, you can also use Facebook to show your feelings, or email us through the website, or direct message us via Facebook or Twitter.

Partington has to say a big thanks to Karina Carter the Trafford Labour councillor who sadly will be stepping down soon, she stuck up for everyone at that two and half hour meeting.

It is not fully known at this time what the other councillors have said, we await a response, but other media suggests aloof James Wright approved the Future Carrington village.

One thing is cetain we do not approve! we recommend all cyclists, all worried motorists, all concerned about pollution, to vote and contact us….let’s do this!


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