Do You Own A Diesel Car? Van? Get Ready To Be Hit In The Pocket Or Even Banned

The government needs to something about the high pollution rates in the UK, more so here in Manchester.

Screenshot 2016-10-27 at 1.19.59 PM

The particles from diesel fumes are so tiny that if breathed by a human can enter the lungs and cause serious damage, it is also known that some particles have even been found in the brain.

Drivers will soon be hit by what is being called “Toxin Tax” here in Manchester and other cities which means to drive any diesel car you will be charged £20 a day extra to use it and could even be banned!, this includes LGVs and vans, although it is believed some exemptions will be made.

Buses could easily go to electric, or some other cleaner fuel, same with the huge trucks and vans, which will in the long run not only be cleaner for the environment but save money.

It is thought the government will introduce a scrappage scheme at some point, many drivers though will be worried about the changes, and many will not be able to afford the extra costs.

Although we want cleaner air, and more people cycling, we also feel it is unfair to those with a diesel vehicle, and a better  more fairer scheme should be put in place so that the effects of any decision will only be minimal to the hard up motorist.

The government must reveal plans by April 24, as that is the deadline courts in europe have given the UK government, if it fails they are in deep trouble.


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