Twenty-Two New Homes Could Be Built In Partington Soon.

As if Partington needed more homes, after the news about Himor’s Future Carrington being passed by planning, which means 725 new homes built, and 600 in a hybrid scheme which will be approximately 750m away from Central Road.

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Laurus Homes want to build twenty-two new homes on Lock Lane, where a fairly big house stands derelict, and await a decision by planning.

Objections to the scheme have been made by residents, the complaints are varied from privacy and light issues, it is also true that the space they have looks fairly tight, and with new roads and footpaths being created, we can see how this will be a problem.

Although this is only twenty-two homes being built that is a potential 100 plus more people in the area, many with more cars, adding to the pollution and further draining Partington’s rescources.

Peel has had an extension to build further down Lock Lane we are told there is a possibility that Peel may throw out the plans, with pressure from residents, all residents getting help from your parish council and local councillors, it can be stopped! it is the same with this Laurus Homes plan, the residents can stop this! you have the power!


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  1. I don’t understand why you would want to stop it, I live in Partington and wholly welcome any investment and improvement for private homes planned for the area. The carrington development has its own shopping centre, doctors and facilities. Why would we deter people from improving a small town like Partington ( which is in dyer need of a fresh influx of people) because elsewhere is expanding? If your problem is roads, I think you need to reconsider your objections as it isn’t a substantial concern.


    • Hello Natasha, thank you for your message, you make a good point, do you agree though that now, at this time Partington is struggling? can you get an appointment at the doctors? are you carted off to the hospital more often than not if you have a tooth issue, do you not think Oak Road shopping area needs a proper shopping centre? or complex? what about your post office? how small is that for 10,000 people, so with more people in Partington would this not squeeze things even further? what we are saying and others agree is, before you get the people in, make sure the infrastructure is in place and at this time Partington is in a bad spot, no new roads planned, how many more cars will there be? do you not think Manchester Road and Warburton Lane are a nightmare? what about your only route to Altrincham? down Sinderland Lane do you not think that with all these new people they will opt to go that way? then do you think it will be able to cope? and the issue of the 247 being stuck in the lanes all the time may even force Arriva to dump the service unless a new route can be found, the bigger picture can be found, once you see that, you will see what a big issue it really is, and the time to act is now! you guys had your chance with HIMOR, even Karina told us she needed all your objections to it, yet no one came forward, which makes no sense because we have been snowed under with complaints and objections, thanks again for contacting us.


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