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We Reveal Why A Takeaway In Partington Got A Zero Food Hygiene Score

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dWe first reported that a takeaway on Oak Road in Partington got a zero rating, but we have since got information as to why they got such a low score.

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We will say although the report was made in February this year, changes to the takeaway named,as Ishy’s should now have been made and you can continue to enjoy safely your food from there.

Inspectors at Trafford found the place dirty throughout, no sanitation anywhere, so staff were cooking with filthy hands, no sanitation either for when they had come from the toilet.

Food safety was not a priority, the staff were not trained, they did not understand about temperatures, for instance Trafford claim a Donner Kebab must be 63c but the takeaway was serving it at 56.7c, we think most kebab shops do not serve it at the correct temperature.

Cooked chicken left out, and incorrect temperatures for chicken inside the fridge although marginal was the other problems inspectors noted down.

We are not sure what Trafford have asked for regarding improvements, but we expect that all equipment used for food is clean at all times, that there will be somewhere to wash hands, and that staff are trained to understand why temperature is so important more so with chicken and other meats, and of course Donner Kebab.

After reading the report the sickness feeling started, we was shocked to see this from what is a very well liked takeaway having looked at the Just Eat reviews, although we have read some customers saying that the takeaway is not what it used to be.

The good news for Partington residents is that you have a five-star rating chinese on the other side, and other takeaways that have fared better with food hygiene ratings, although a two rating is not that great either which is what the chippy near Lock Lane is currently holding.


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