The mobile network Three has had some troubles throughout the day, and declared that there is a UK wide outage and are working on it.


Three is the smallest network provider and often has issues with signal due to a lack of masts, but today April 22 things took a turn for the worst due to a UK wide outage.

Today’s outage has upset many people up and down the country, more so because Three have yet to find what the fault is after many hours, some customers have even threatened to leave because they cannot call or text, it may be possible to leave early because they have broken their contract, they are no longer offering you what they promised when you first signed up, it is worth looking at.

Three have now said the outage is over and people should be able to use their phones again, the reason for the outage is still unknown, your advised to switch your mobile phone off and then on again and you should be good to go.

The outage ended just after 11pm, Three will be expecting many angry customers ringing customer services asking rightly for some compensation or even to leave.