Trafford Green Party

Trafford Green Party Needs Your Help To Fund Candidates In This Years Snap General Election

With a snap general election called for June 8 the Trafford Green Party need your help to fund its candidates across the borough.


The Trafford Green Party care greatly about Trafford, and urgently needs your help.

To be able to compete fairly, the green party here in Trafford needs some funding, this does not mean you need to be a voter of the party or a member although that would be appreciated, you can also donate anonymously if you like.

The thing that sticks out best for us about the Green Party, is the costs of membership, even if your unwaged you can be a member, or as little as £5 a year! you can check out membership rates and sign up Via This Link

Click HERE to go to the crowdfunding website to donate as much as you can, to cover the costs of what will be one intense few months before the general election on June 8.


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