The Family Of A Man Who Was Killed After Thieves Robbed His Car In Chorlton Have Paid Tributes To Him

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The family of Mike Samwell have paid a tribute to him after being run down by his own car after thieves tried to steal it from him in Chorlton, sadly Mike died in hospital a short time later.

Mike Samwell

Mike Samwell

The tribute said: “Mike’s death has made a huge hole in our lives that can never be filled.

“Mike was the most wonderful husband, brother and son, he would do anything for anyone and was an ever dependable and generous family member and friend to so many, he was always smiling and sharing his amazing sense of humour, we ate so proud of all that Mike was and had achieved.

“Mike was devoted to his family above anything, his wife, Jess, was his one great love above all things, he was a loyal and treasured friend, we are so grateful to have had him in our lives, he will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

“We have been blessed by the amount of support, condolences and prayers from those who loved him, we have been deeply touched by the kindness of strangers, especially the emergency services, hospital staff and police who did everything they could for him and continue to support us in our grief.

“This is an awful tragedy, but we all want ti remember Mike as the special, kind and exceptionally talented man he was and not dwell on the senseless crime which has left us all so bereft, while his light ma have been extinguished so cruelly and far too early, the light he shone will continue to travel with us always.

“We hope and pray that other families will not suffer a loss like ours, if you have any information help the police in their investigations, please come forward with this.”


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