Work Will Soon Begin On The Construction Of The Toxic Davyhulme Incinerator

Work is set to begin on the Davyhulme incinerator as the deadline gets ever closer for Peel energy to start work on constructing this toxic energy creating plant near the the M60 at Barton.

Screenshot 2017-04-29 at 12.32.25 PM

Once built it will deliver energy to an estimated 37,000 homes in Trafford and some parts of Salford, but campaigners are saying that the pollution that comes from the plant will cause serious issues with people’s health.

The cause of concern is particulate matter, it’s the stuff so small that it will get into our lungs and cause serious damage, those with existing lung problems will be hit the hardest.

Peel only care about its profits and shareholders, like any private company this is their rights, but they do not care about the people who have to live close to this plant, and this has to be taken into consideration when at planning stage, we feel Trafford Council could have done more to listen to the residents, consultations are a false democracy!

Campaigners from BCAG (Breathe Clean Air Group) will no doubt be protesting as construction gets underway, they have even asked people not to buy any property that Peel will be building soon, such as Trafford waters and the development that may or may not happen close to Lock Lane in Partington.

The Partington development we do not want to happen, unless the resources of the area are looked at in-depth and changes made so that Partington will be able to accommodate such a large number of people, so we will fight with BCAG or any group wanting to stop the development in Partington.

As for the incinerator well, it will be built that is for sure! all the public can do is get behind BCAG and make it as hard as possible in a legal protest that will show to Peel and other media what you the residents, or those who care about the air we breathe, that what they are constructing was not what the public wanted, sending a big vote of no confidence to those at Trafford planning, who are indeed and on many occasions reckless in their decision-making!



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