Future Carrington

Future Carrington Good Or Bad For Partington? Results Revealed

We did a survey and collected local opinion from social media and added all this to the outgoing Trafford Labour councillor Karina Carter’s eight objections and the result was that not many people other than those in Carrington wanted the development to go ahead.

Screenshot 2017-04-30 at 11.49.39 PM

Many of the concerns was about congestion, and pollution in and around the area which is already badly polluted, the hybrid development does not seem to be a problem for people at this time due to the new roads being built and a cycle path which we hope is linked to existing cycle paths with proper signage.

We were delighted that Karina who has done some good work for Partington residents in her time as a councillor also objected to the development despite her colleague giving the thumbs up, but we felt had she got all of our results and clear objections from people, this would have added weight to her argument.

The development at Carrington and the one nearer Partington will now happen and construction is likely to happen fairly soon, we can argue that Karina could have requested what results we had and all the feedback from residents about concerns.


Karina Carter and James Wright: Trafford Labour

Labour has always been strong in Bucklow St Martins, it is a safe seat for them, we feel though change is needed, and a stronger voice needed, by councillors that go that extra mile for you! that do not just rely on reports from residents, that does not supply you with pathetic excuses about their laptop or iPad that is broken! will this stronger voice from a new party be coming to Partington?……watch this space!



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