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Workmen Block Stretford Subways But Did Trafford Forget About Pedestrians

Work has started on the A56 improvements in Stretford which will see months of delays for motorists, and big problems for pedestrians and cyclists.


Pedestrians will now have to use the crossings already provided which are a fair walk from the subways, an elderly lady spoke with me just before crossing all lanes of one part of the A56 and she told us, “They never thought about the pedestrians and the cyclists” I asked her to use the crossing which would be safer, she then told me “It is to far for her” gladly she crossed safely on this occasion, the crossing was about 400m away.

One part of the subway is still open, but this only goes from Stretford public house to the other side where the cinema used to be, so pedestrians wanting to go into Stretford Mall will have to walk a mile to the crossing just before the bus stops opposite the mall near Aldi.

There is no doubt that Trafford have forgotten about pedestrians in the plans, it is of course not to late for councillors to act, to get temporary crossings that are safe for people to use so they can get to and from the mall or to that side much quicker.

Once work has completed at that part of the A56 and with a proper crossing, we feel it will be highly dangerous since many motorists go through red lights more often now simply because of both insanity and the lack of police.

Trafford need to wake up a little and put the safety of pedestrians and cyclists at the top of the list of priorities, forgetting any political point scoring, which does not serve anyone other than inflate egos, and halts progress.

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