Two Trafford Men Part Of A Group Of Ten Are Sentenced For Robberies In Greater Manchester

Two Trafford men who was part of a group of ten were sentenced after a string of robberies across Greater Manchester.

Between June 2015 and June last year, police received numerous reports of robberies at jewellery shops, supermarkets and houses.

On June 29 in 2015 police received a report that £76,000 was stolen in a robbery at Aldi on Trinity Street in Bolton, where a member of the public was attacked with a machete.

Often the group responsible would brandish weapons while carrying out their robberies and sometimes, dressed in disguise to dupe the unsuspecting victims.

Officers pieced together evidence and results from months of esquires to identify and organised crime group who in total benefitted from £150,00 cash and £100,000 worth of jewellery.

On May 5 this year all ten men was sentenced for robberies at Manchester Crown Court, which included the two from Trafford

Christopher Ryder aged 30 from Trafford got 22-years inside and Caine Williams from Sale got 10-years.

Detective Constable Matthew Whittaker of GMP’s Serious and Organised Crime Team, said: “We cab finally say these men are off the streets of Greater Manchester and unable to cause any more damage or detriment to the community for their own selfish gratification.

“We will continue to dismantle organised crime groups and make it impossible for those who make a living from committing crimes to operate, no matter how versed in police tactics they believe themselves to be.

“Thanks to information from people in the community and our partners, we can make sure we are one step ahead of criminals like these and bring them to justice.”




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