Amey One Trafford Providing A Good Service? Or Maybe Not!

Amey One Trafford the private company who was installed by the Tories to look after our front line services have been with us for some time now and we wanted to know what you thought of them.


Since they were given a gigantic fifteen year contract to provide a range of services we have seen a drop in standards from what it was.

Our roads now are in a very bad condition more so on the A56 which is one of the most important routes for just about everyone, our parks are no longer what they was with only twelve people looking after all our parks and green spaces.

The twenty day wait for Amey to remove any fly tipping is in our opinion very poor, leaving rubbish in bags rotting and other stuff that people just dump, often near a tip! which is free to use so long as it is household waste.


Recently though we have seen known hotspots for fly tipping being clear, although on a country lane going towards the airport in Trafford, a huge amount of bin bags full of rubbish had been dumped.

We are also not blaming Amey One Trafford for the problems since it was Trafford who decided to give them the contract in the first place, we just wanted to know what you thought of the performance? do they offer good value for money? would it have been better for Trafford to keep it as it was?

So what do you think? you can comment as normal and participate in a simple vote which you can do by clicking this LINK


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  1. I am one of those who have paid for their Garden Waste Collection so why do I find those who have not are still getting the same service as before. Does this mean that those who have already paid will be refunded?


    • Hello Doreen, thanks for your message, we suggest you contact the authority and tell them what you have told us, they can also advise you on future payments, on a personal level I would tell everyone not to pay this extra tax, everyone is already paying for this service from their council tax! we have to stick up for our rights now or we will be ripped off even more in the near future, have a nice weekend.


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