Reported Crime On The Up In Trafford But Its Not All Bad News

Reported crime in Trafford has risen in the first three months of this year on the same time frame last year.


The following is calculated from January to March this year and January to March in 2016:

Partington this year 271, last year 192

Stretford this year 166, last year 155

Sale Town Centre this year 176, last year 155

Altrincham Town Centre this year 224, last year 197

Urmston this year 85, last year 104

Although this calculation is in only a few places in Trafford you can see a big rise in reported crime in the borough, although Urmston is leading the way with a reduction in reported crime.

With police stretched to breaking point due to the governments dreadful austerity plans, we need to play our part in helping out, by reporting suspicious activity on the 101 number, by helping out the most vulnerable in your community, making sure they are safe and aware of dodgy workmen knocking on doors etc.

Improving home security is important, making sure all windows are locked when you go out, when you go out make sure your alarm is on if you have one, never leave keys or anything in your hallway, thieves use a hook through the letter box, even a coat hung up could be pinched!

Your car or van is at risk if you leave things on show, make sure you bring in with you all your gadgets and coats, leave nothing in the car, and of course lock it, never leave your door left open, more so during the summer months, it takes seconds for a thief to steal your car, so never leave it unattended even if its outside your drive or car park!

If you are a cyclist, and have a nice bike we suggest never to leave it anywhere, anything nice should be used for cycling, if you need to go to a shop maybe for a drink or somehing, try bringing it in with you, many of the smaller shops allow this, more so if you have a road bike, but ask first, if they say no, leave and go elsewhere, we also suggest not to leave it in the shed, bring it in with you.

By helping police with these simple things, you will free them up to do more for you and your community.

We will do a full calculation at the end of the year to see how things have gone with crime in Trafford, but so far the statistics are not looking good.


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