Ransomware Sends The NHS Into Meltdown And Has Now Been Halted

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A ransomware known as ‘Wanna Decryptor’ was activated and swept through the NHS information technology systems like a brush fire, sending it into meltdown.

File_000 (26).jpeg

The virus has now been halted by someone buying a domain name, however the virus infected a claimed seventy countries and disrupted many services.

The NHS here in the UK was using an out of date and unsupported soft wear called Microsoft XP, there are calls for the government to upgrade the IT systems to the latest version.

Computers were locked out, and reports of pop ups coming on-screen every two minuets occurred, many NHS trusts closed down their computer systems to prevent any further damage.

Trafford hospitals were affected, and so was some GP surgeries although we have no further information at this time as to how bad things were at Trafford General and Altrincham Hospital.

A ransomware can be sent to a laptop anywhere and at anytime, it is simply a malicious programme that locks you out of your laptop unless you pay the money which may still not unlock it, it can infect a smart phone also, but more likely to be a Windows PC or Laptop.

The programme infects your PC or Laptop by the end-user opening an attachment from something very innocent, once opened it takes control of your system and well say goodbye to all your files, the demand from what we can gather is very high.

Because of the issues today, many patients will have been turned away from A&E and doctors whose computers were infected, operations will have been cancelled.

Although their will be disruption over the weekend, IT specialists will be working around the clock to remove the virus and some normality will hopefully be restored by Monday or Tuesday.


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