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Lib Dems Councillor Jane Brophy Responds As Altrincham & Sale West Will Have The Third Worst Funded Schools In The UK Under New Education Plans

Trafford Liberal Democrats Councillor Jane Brophy who is standing as a parliamentary candidate for Altrincham & Sale West at this years General Election has responded after it was found that all schools in that constituency will go from 35th to 3rd worse-funded in the country according to NUT analysis.

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Jane Brophy: Twitter

The analysis shown that cuts per primary school pupil will be £402 and £554 per secondary pupil.

Cllr Jane Brophy, parliamentary candidate in Altrincham & Sale West for the upcoming general election for the Liberal Democrats said;

“It is a scandal that our local schools are set to move from being the 35th worst funded in the country to the 3rd, according to NUT analysis.

Our schools here across Trafford deserve better and our children’s future should not be put at risk due to Conservative Government failings.

Parents should not be expected to fill the funding gap that the Government has created with donations that ultimately will disproportionately penalised schools in local income catchment areas.

There is a big difference between school funds being raised to add value however this should never be relied upon to provide basic educational provision.

It is appalling that most of our local secondary schools are having to reduce the curriculum to save money.”

Jane is a school Governor at Altrincham College of Arts, where she saw first hand how the pupil premium put in place by Liberal Democrats in office enabled standards to be raised for all pupils.



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    • Hi James, no comment from Graham Brady needed on this article, and I am sure he is aware about the situation, the article was a Lib Dems PR, we cover all the political party’s and biased to no one, and soon to be doing something for the tories, thanks for your message.


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