Female Altrincham Resident Sends A Conman Packing After He Tried To Obtain £50 For Work That Was Not Needed

Police are warning the public not be doing any business on your doorstep after a resident in Altrincham was almost ripped off!


The resident who lives on Weldon Road in Altrincham reported today May 17 at around 10.30am that she received a knock on the door from a male offering to do some work on her property for £50, he then explained that he was also working on her next door neighbours property.

The female occupant sent the male away telling him that she did not need any work doing, she spoke to the neighbour and they told her no work was being done to their property.

The male is described as white, around 30, around 5ft tall and of stocky build, he was wearing jeans, blue jumper and a cap with bits of paint on it.

If you see anything suspicious or have any information please call 101, or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.



Categories: Altrincham, Scam

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