UPDATED: Police Confirm An Explosion At A Concert At The MEN Arena And Many People Have Died.

Explosions was heard all over Manchester this evening, people reporting hearing loud banging noises, we heard booming noises, and went on for a good couple of minuets, although it could have been one bang and possible reverb.



File_000 (34)

Trains and Trams have been suspended.

Latest Update at the bottom

Update: Police are saying to keep away from the area near MEN arena.

Update: Network Rail are saying Manchester Victoria is out of action.

Update: A concert was taking place at the MEN arena and explosions occurred after the gig had finished, leading to panic scenes by fans inside the arena.

Update: Police now confirm of an explosion and that their was a number of fatalities and injured.

Update: Wythenshawe Hospital and Manchester Royal are now sending away none urgent cases as casualties arrive, reports suggest a huge amount of people have already arrived.

Update: Bomb Disposal Units at the scene

Update: Counter Terrorism Unit are treating the explosion as a possible terror related incident.

Update: nineteen people have died and fifty people are injured.

Update: Police are treating the incident as a terrorist incident

Update: Bomb squad performs a controlled explosion in Cathedral Gardens

We will have a full article and further updates later.


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